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Water damage to the carpet is an owner’s nightmare to start with. It not only puts the carpet in a very tight spot, but restoration of the carpet back to its original condition becomes an uphill task for the owner. Unfortunately, water damage of carpet is a very common phenomenon and can result from mishaps like washing machine or bathtub overflow, ruptured pipes, entry of rainwater from the balcony and the likes.

Now restoring a water damaged carpet is not anybody’s task. It takes a lot to restore a water damaged carpet and it’s a specialist’s job. This is where water damage restoration services in Brisbane by Zoom Carpet Cleaning will make all the difference. With formidable experience under our belt and access to the latest tools and techniques, our technicians will come up with a highly methodical mechanism that will bring back the old glory and freshness to a water damaged carpet.

How our Carpet Water Damage Restoration in Brisbane Works?

While providing water damage restoration service in Brisbane, we follow a very methodical approach. 

Step 1:  At first, our experts would extract all the water from the carpet using a high quality, high yield vacuum extraction machine. 

Step 2: Application of the browning treatment to the carpet to keep marks and stains of water at bay. 

Step 3: Moving furniture on the foam blocks for avoiding further damage 

Step 4: Inspection of damage to the floor below the carpet by lifting the edges of the carpet

Step 5: Installation of drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers and leaving the carpet with some breathing time so that it dries out. 

Step 6: Visiting the client’s premise regularly for inspecting the drying process

Step 7: Relaying of the carpet once it is fully dry

Step 8: Finally, steam cleaning and deodorising the carpet once the relaying and restoration is done with.

Thus you see, damaged carpet restoration is a lengthy and methodical process and our water damage carpet cleaning providers in Brisbane would follow the steps meticulously to come up with a fast and effective solution that will leave the customers 100% satisfied.

Highlights of our Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Service in Brisbane

While conducting carpet water damage restoration in Brisbane, we normally take 24 to 48 hours to completely dry a carpet the size of a standard bedroom with the use of high quality drying equipment. 

When it comes to dealing with a carpet that is damaged by sewerage overflow, we never try restoration. We remove the carpet and its underlay and treat the floor and deodorise it before turning our attention to the carpet itself. Our carpet water damage restoration service in Brisbane  does not include restoration of sewerage as per the Australian Standard rules.

What makes our Wet Carpet Drying Service in Brisbane Unique

When it comes to providing wet carpet drying service in Brisbane, we are never found wanting in terms of perfection and professionalism. In fact, when you put stakes on us you can be sure of the following salient features: 

Our wet carpet drying service in Brisbane comes at affordable price with transparency and no hidden cost

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