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Professional Rug Cleaning Services in Brisbane

Are you looking for a company that offers professional rug cleaning services in Brisbane? Zoom Carpet Cleaning provides this service and ensures complete cleanliness of your rug. Since we use the latest tools and technologies apart from the best methods of rug cleaning, you can expect the best results. Moreover, to make the rug cleaning process easier, we pick up the same from your location and after completion of the service, we return it to you.  

The cleaning of the rug is performed by our local rug cleaners in Brisbane. They are experienced cleaners and have thorough knowledge of cleaning rugs. However, they also offer eco-friendly solutions to remove the stains or spots from the rugs. Besides, they use high-end vacuum cleaners to get rid of the dirt and dust that have accumulated on your rug. Thus, if you want an effective rug cleaning solution, now is the time to book our service. 


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Local Rug Cleaners Brisbane
Local Rug Cleaners Brisbane

Deep Rug Cleaning Solution in Brisbane

This is an exhaustive method and is the best for rugs that are heavily soiled or covered with pet urine. In this deep rug cleaning service in Brisbane, we follow certain steps where 

  1. We collect the rug from your location and deep clean the same at our facility.
  2. We inspect rugs for damage and dust that has accumulated in the rug.
  3. We wash the rug with hand or by using machine 
  4. We apply stain removal or urine removal treatments depending on its condition.
  5. After cleaning we dry the rug in a climate drying room.
  6. After drying, the rug is inspected and then returned to our clients.

So, you can clearly see how our cleaners make the rugs pristine clean. Therefore, booking our service is always the best option if you don’t want to waste money yet get the results that you have wished for. Also, we guarantee that the friendly attitude of our cleaners and their dedication in making your rug clean will leave you impressed. 

Why Choose Our Local Rug Cleaners in Brisbane?

Choose our Brisbane local rug cleaners since 

  • They clean rugs meticulously using eco-friendly solutions
  • They use the latest tools and technologies to clean rugs effectively
  • They clean rugs attentively making sure they are not damaged in any way
  • Before and after cleaning the rugs, the cleaners examine the rugs to spot the difference
  • Our rug cleaning service is reasonably priced

To learn more about how we clean rugs or the service pricing, call us now.


It entirely depends on the condition of the rug. However, we clean and return your rug as soon as possible.

Yes, the procedure if done correctly can help get rid of the insects. We include special solutions that will help avoid insects.

Book our rug cleaning service when and if you notice your rug full of stains, dirt and dust.

Yes it is. We carefully clean rigs making sure the fibres are not harmed in any way.

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