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Expert Mattress Cleaning Service in Brisbane

Has your mattress accumulated a lot of stains and has become an eyesore? You need to get it cleaned immediately to restore it to its original form. In this domain, Zoom Carpet Cleaning always excels due to its expert mattress cleaning service in Brisbane. So, if you want to get rid of the eyesore that your mattress has been causing, you need to take swift action. All you need to do is call us now so that we can reach your place and commence the treatment.

The cleaning is carried out by our expert cleaners having years of experience in mattress cleaning. So, rest assured that you will get the best results. In addition, they use eco-friendly solutions to remove the spots that are making your mattress unattractive.


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Mattress Deep Cleaning Service Brisbane
Mattress Deep Cleaning Service Brisbane

Mattress Deep Cleaning in Brisbane

In our mattress deep cleaning service in Brisbane, we perform the cleaning following certain steps. We use Allergy Relief Treatment and Steam Cleaning to clean your mattress. We also clean your Latex mattress.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Pre-spray the mattress with Anti-Allergen pre-spray.
  2. Use cleaning equipment that applies heat and suction to remove dirt and dust from carpet. After that, we apply an anti-allergen rinse.
  3. Carry out a comprehensive allergy relief treatment by spraying the right solution 
  4. Apply an Anti-Allergen deodoriser to the mattress 

So, you see, the mattress cleaning system is a total clean and allergy relief system.

When it comes to stain removal in mattresses, we remove old yellow and general stains that have accumulated in the mattress fabric overtime and are difficult to remove.  Also, we use various stain removal techniques to make your mattress spotless. Also, we will clean, sanitise and apply an anti allergen treatment.

Why Choose Our Mattress Stain Removal Service in Brisbane?

Our mattress stain removal services in Brisbane is the right choice for you since

  • We use special eco-friendly solutions to clean mattresses
  • Our cleaners performing mattress treatment are skilled and certified
  • We clean mattresses efficiently and attentively
  • Our mattress cleaners are result-oriented and punctual 

To know more about the treatment or how our cleaners accomplish cleaning within time, feel free to contact us now.


We use proprietary solutions for removing the stains and spots in mattresses. These are eco-friendly solutions.

We use vacuum cleaners and other custom-made tools to remove stains from mattresses.

It takes only a few hours to clean the mattresses depending on the stains or dust particles lodged inside.

You need to vacuum it regularly. But to know more, call us or hire our cleaners.

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