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Strip and Seal Cleaning Services in Brisbane

If your floor, vinyl or tile has become dirty, one of the best things that you can do is to book a strip and seal cleaning service in Brisbane that is offered by Zoom Carpet Cleaning. The reason behind this is that this is a custom cleaning method that is highly effective and yields give quick results. Moreover, the process is performed using a wide array of modern tools and technologies that give instant results. Apart from this, after the services are completed, the specialists performing the method check the floor thoroughly to see whether it has become fully clean.

To clean vinyl, marble flooring or tile, a strip and seal is the best service you can opt for. Here, the professionals strip the coats of grime away. They do this by cleaning the worn sealant or cleaning worn sealant on the floor or the film. After that, they reseal the surface. The cleaners do all of these using commercial grade machines. However, the process can also be carried out by hand, and using the right products. Also, they will have to use the right methods to achieve the best results.


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Floor Stripping and Sealing

Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal Services in Brisbane

Considering you have a vinyl floor that already has the sealant applied, you will need to resurface the same since the sealant will become thin with time. But to do this, you will need to hire a well-known company that offers vinyl floor strip and seal services in Brisbane. In this sphere also, Zoom Carpet Cleaning excels.

Our Brisbane specialists carrying out vinyl floor stripping and sealing will remove the old sealer and apply a new sealer coat in layers. This will help your vinyl to stay protected from scratches. Moreover, we use special sealants that are eco-friendly yet durable. And for stripping away the old sealant safely, we use special equipment.

Why Choose our Floor Stripping and Sealing Service in Brisbane?

Choose our licenced floor stripping and sealing service in Brisbane because

  • We strip off the weak sealant carefully, without damaging the vinyl
  • We apply only premium sealants on vinyls that will last long
  • Before applying the new sealant, we will inspect the vinyl to determine whether stripping and resealing is required
  • We perform the resealing using advanced tools and techniques
  • We complete stripping and sealing with precision and on time

To learn more about how we strip and seal vinyl floors and why you should not delay the service, call us now.


Usually they last somewhere between 3 to 10 years. But it depends on the quality of the sealant.

If you want to protect your floor from scratches and general wear, rest assured that you will be needing this service.

The duration for the vinyl floor stripping and sealing depends on the floor area and the type of sealant that will be applied.

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