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Professional Strip and Seal Cleaning Services in Logan

Zoom Carpet Cleaning is one of the most trustworthy names, offering comprehensive strip and seal cleaning services in Logan that will effectively remove all the filth and dirt, grime, and grease in the most effective way, without affecting the flooring surface. Strip and sealing is a highly technical effort and has to be conducted carefully to ensure the protection and longevity of the flooring. 

As flooring – both domestic and commercial, is exposed to a fairly high rate of footfall and furniture and fittings being dragged and moved around, floorings do suffer some general wear and tear & mess, which can cause the ultimate finish and finesse of the flooring to take a beating. Thus, you must put stakes on the best and the most qualified experts who can bring the shine and sheen of the flooring back. This is where vinyl floor strip and seal services in Logan will come into play.

What our Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal Services Logan is all about?

Our perfect vinyl floor strip and seal services in Logan is all about protecting the vinyl floor from damage. 

The process we follow is fairly simple, with an eye for detail as well as commitment and affordability, which sets our class apart from the rest. 

The process begins with stripping off the old sealer from the floor. 

This is followed by a comprehensive cleaning with the use of water and various steam equipment and the application of different nontoxic chemicals. 

Once the core layer of the floor is cleaned, our vinyl floor strip and sealing experts in Logan will apply a fresh sealer. We then turn to the drying process that is conducted by powerful air movers. 

Thus, at Zoom Carpet Cleaning, we assure our customers that Logan strip & sealing service will leave your property with a shining floor that will add to its aesthetic property.

Why Choose our licensed Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal Services in Logan?

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