Yes, we can offer you quotations over the phone. However, if you book online now, that gives you a 10% discount.

That strictly depends upon the extent and type of cleaning your carpets need. Generally, we take an entire day’s work for the cleaning.

Yes they are, all licensed and bonded and all our cleaners  background-verified. Hence, they are the safest to put stakes on.

Yes we are insured and have public liability coverage.

The frequency of carpet cleaning should predominantly depend upon a number of factors, which include the number of occupants using the property at any given point in time, presence of pets and their species, presence or absence of smoking individuals using the property, presence or absence of children. Nevertheless,  it is ideal to have your carpet cleaned at least twice a year.

Yes, we have at our disposal the best and the most qualified experts with years of carpet cleaning experience and they have access to the latest tools and techniques. Thus, they have the competence and the experience of removing every type of stain, from the carpets, provided the stains are removable.

Yes, we can. Our cleaners have the experience and the knowledge to remove pet urine odours 

Not at all. Steam cleaning is all about cleaning your carpets with the use of steam, generated by super hot water. So there is no involvement of any harsh chemicals or detergents whatsoever. Naturally, steam cleaning of carpets never causes harm to the structural integrity of the carpet and its fibres or to their colours. It is purely eco friendly and is safe. 

What can I do with the

You do not have to worry about the furniture. Our cleaners will dismantle the smaller furniture and fittings and move the bigger one before cleaning. And then when they are done with, they will assemble the smaller ones and move back the bigger ones to their original positions. We are experienced and will take utmost care while handling your furniture, thus ensuring safety of your assets.